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Новая интерактивная экскурсия о насекомых.
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Администратор  - info@spbzoo.ru - 17.12.2008 12:07:35

About Zoo

Business hours of Zoo and Exotarium:

from 10.00 to 17.00

Ticket office closes 1 hour before the closing of the Zoo.

Our address:

197198, Russia,
Sankt-Petersburg , Alexandrovskiy park, I
underground railway stations: "Sportivnaja", "Gorkovskaja"

telephone: +7(812) 232-8260
fax: +7(812) 232-8250


Zoo entrance

Our Zoo is very unusual place! It is state in state. It is unlike any other Zoo around the World has not simple history and rich culture like the city of Sankt-Petersburg itself. It is bound up with its animals, which lived here, and living now and its people, who worked here before and working nowadays.

Throughout all those time this place's look is always variable, but there are several characteristic features which forms those particular feeling children and their parents bear in minds and souls for many years. Its makes us go back here again and again all our life…

Historical heritage

The Sankt-Petersburg Zoo opened on August 1 (13) of 1865 as a private menagerie. All historical developments which taken place in our country and city for last 142 years in any event were reflected in its history and even the name…

Many Zoo's visitors asks: "Why after the rename of the city from Leningrad to Sankt-Petersburg the name of the Zoo still remains the same - "Leningradsky Zoo"?

The reason of the old name not had been changed is in commemoration of the former colleagues- blockaders, who worked there during the hard time of the World War II, particularly the time of the blockade of the city of the Leningrad. They were just near the 2 hundred people who saved the animals during the war. Most of the workers were lived in the Zoo to be closer to their nurselings where they met the Victory. 16 of the workers were decorated with medal "For the defence of the Leningrad".

The best ever!

The Leningrad Zoo Park is the unique museum of the Nature. It is one of the northern Zoos in the World. Nowadays it is keeps it's the century before last lay-out and an integral part of the city's historical center architecture.

Nowadays it is situated on the territory of 7.4 hectares and is one of the smallest among all Russia Zoos.

However it is not impeded the Zoo's specialists to gathered and maintain the great collection formed with 2000 specimens of nearly 400 species of the inhabitants of almost all World's mainland.

Thanks to worker's efforts and the unique energetic climate in the Zoo and the City, in spite of its small area which not allowed maintaining the ideal keeping conditions many of the rare animals had regularly bred in the Leningrad Zoo. These are: Urials (Red Sheep), Polar Beers, etc.

There're also a lot of the extremely long lived animal are live here: elk, Father David's deer, giraffes, bisons, markhoors, wild boars, squirrel monkeys, tree-shrews, Japanese macaque, barbary ape, condor, black storks, potto and some others. These are also the evidences for that miraculous auspicious climate of the Zoo!

The main goals and objectives of the Zoo are

- Display of the different species of animal world into the hand made conditions created the closer as possible to that of in nature.

- Implementation of the scientifically-enlighten and educational activity among people: special events, lectures with the animal display, excursions etc. including the special general biological education for children in the Zoo's study group (KUBS).

- Scientific researches of threatened animals of different groups and species of the World fauna.

- Participation of the International programs on threatened species conservation: Amur tiger, Przewalski's horse, Steller's sea eagle, manul, Pallas' cat (manul), cranes and others.

- Organization of the cultural work among the masses of the citizens and guests of the city of Sankt-Petersburg (installation and realization of the holiday).

- The execution of all the sides of the Zoo's activity as a multifunctional cultural and scientific complex institution is accomplished by the corresponding department of the Zoo.

Our Departments

There're several different Departments and corresponding sections in the Leningrad Zoo.

The Departments of Exotarium, Ornithology, Undulates and Rodents, Predators, Primates are organizing the animal display and their maintenance and breeding.

Ursus maritimusThanks to the activity of the Department of the trained animals the visitors can faced the nature creatures on discussion tables and lectures. Besides this Department stuff are routinely departing on field lectures to schools and kindergartens of the city of the Sankt-Petersburg and whole Leningrad District.

The Veterinarian Department's stuff is monitoring the health of our animals. At the Zoo we have the Vet Clinic.

Forage Department providing the food for our animals of all kinds, including the self-growing plants and breeding food objects like mice, rats, roaches, crickets etc.

The actual results of the activity of the Landscape Department every Zoo visitor can see with his own eyes throughout all warm seasons of the year. These are beautiful lawns, flowered beds and green zones found in almost every spot of the Zoo territory outside and inside the building.

The Stabling is keeping and training horses, ponies and burros. These animals are adorning of nearly every holiday used to arrange in the Zoo and its surrounding areas. Small well-dressed ponies ride their young equestrians - children visitors of the Zoo.

There is also a Pony-club in the Zoo in which children of 6-10 years learn not only how to ride the horse but also how to keep a care for it. Besides this the Stabling specialists practicing the curative riding (the hippotherapy) with children. The hippotherapy is one of the famous recognized leading methods of rehabilitation (in fact is the kind of therapeutic physical training).

Some of the Department's nurslings (burros and goats) are known as actors and participating in the Mariinsky and Alexandrinsky theaters staging.

Research and educational aspect - is the one of the main goals of the Leningrad Zoo which guiding by the special Department. For the schoolchildren who interested in the education about animals there was founded the Junior Natural History Study Group (JNHSG) - one of the best around whole Russia. It is significant that many of the JNHSG graduates were contributed and working in the Zoo.

The results of the researches, experiments and other different achievements conducted by the zoology Departments specialists are publishing in the articles, zoological reports etc in different scientific journals. Some of these results were also used as a base for different term and diploma papers of students of the city's institutes of higher education.

Our Projects

The Direction of the Zoo has guiding several permanent projects. There is one that should be accentuated among all. It is the project called "Hello!" which serves the children with the different defects with the knowledge and contacts using the trained animals. Children can see very close and communicate with the animals which many of them just can see only in the pictures.

Another very interesting project - "Adoption", there the different people and entities can adopt any of the Zoo animals. Each of the adopter grants the special certificate and listed on the pages of the official Zoo's site.

At the same time in the Zoo all year around there're different actions of the Animal habitat enrichment were conducted.

There's a tendency for the last time of the Zoo's development and rebuilding begin to show. Many old Zoo's building were overhauled and modernized, some new structures were built, new animals were obtained for the collection, etc.

The Zoo arranges a lot of shows and other events for both, kids and adults. There are different fancy-dress performances, equestrian shows with the participation of birds of prey, communication with the Zoo's trained animals, master-classes, quizzes, ecological contests, competitions, excursions and many others presented during the vacation days and holydays in the Leningrad Zoo.

Besides all those now children can celebrate the Birthday in the Zoo! Our specialists organizing the unforgettable celebration with the horse riding, enthralling excursions in the Zoo, interesting discussions with the animal demonstrations and tea-drinking!

And for the married couples there we have prepared a special surprise! Since last time the Leningrad Zoo presents the unique offer - "Wedding with the swans"! Young couples can feed these beautiful birds which are a symbol of faithfulness and fortune and also have taken their pictures.

The Leningrad Zoo is open each day of the year without the rest-days. Each season is interesting in the Zoo itself and you can find lot of fascinating things for your viewing pleasure here no matter the time of the year!

We're waiting you in the Leningrad Zoo! Welcome!

Russian version

Ветклиника при Зоопарке Наш Экзотариум Катание на лошадках Лекции и экскурсии

Наши опекуны Дни рождения в Зоопарке Детский уголок
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